The Albion Arts Corridor Cultural Economic Development Plan is complete!

The project engages arts and culture as part of a broader economic development strategy for downtown Wakefield. While a strong arts and culture sector can make Wakefield an even more exciting and enriching place to call home, it can also serve as a key drive of economic development that creates jobs, supports small businesses, and increases Town tax rolls.

The plan lays out short and long term action steps that can be taken by the Town and its partners to develop Albion Street (the Albion Arts Corridor) and the surrounding Downtown into a thriving arts and culture destination.

The report includes recommendations for achieving this vision that are structured around five major goals:

1. Creating a distinct arts and cultural identity for Downtown & the Albion Arts Corridor

2. Transforming Albion Street into an active street and focal point for arts and culture

3. Redeveloping the Albion Cultural Exchange Building into a permanent arts and culture center

4. Marketing arts and culture in the Downtown

5. Zoning and Redeveloping to support and grow a thriving arts and culture district Downtown

Click below to see the Executive Summary or the full report:

Cultural Assets Map

The Albion Arts Corridor project included an extensive community outreach process. As part of that process we asked the community to map cultural assets. See the mapped results below!

Albion Cultural Assets

More Opportunities to Engage

For more information on the Albion Arts Corridor Cultural Economic Development Plan please contact Amanda Chisholm at or Chris Carino at